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From the intelligent to the artificial intelligence, the appliance industry has
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This is an era of intelligent, smart products everywhere visible, add a lot of fun for life, such as cooking is no longer a burden, but a process of enjoying music and movies; watching TV is no longer just sitting in front of the television to listen, actually and television dialogue; and blow air conditioning don't worry about blowing air conditioning disease, air conditioning can actually own induction and then make a temperature adjustment. In short, our lives become more intelligent, and the appliance industry is also from intelligence to artificial intelligence, completed a sublimation.
What's the difference between intelligence and artificial intelligence?
From the intelligent to the artificial intelligence, the appliance industry has completed a sublimation
Just a few years time, from intelligence to artificial intelligence, home appliances industry in the transformation, and intelligence and artificial intelligence, what is the difference? Which is full of intelligent open platform, equipped with the operating system in use at the same time, to install and uninstall all kinds of application software, and the function expansion and upgrade all kinds of intelligent mobile phone, etc., such as smart tv.
Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science, it attempts to understand the essence of intelligence, and produce a new way to human intelligence similar to react with intelligent machines, this domain research including robot, speech recognition, image recognition, Natural Language Processing and expert system etc..
The main difference between the two is not "mechanical" intelligent products available for selection, custom applications, part of artificial intelligence can replace human labor, for example, the user wants to see a TV series, is not a big effort to find this drama, and the use of artificial intelligence, and a simple TV said "I want to see * * * TV series, TV will automatically search out a lot of energy saved people.
From that point of view, the "intelligent home" is an infinite field, but the current development of the industry and the form of products, a series of problems of product function is not practical, the system interface confusion and complicated operation, give the user a bad feeling, don't want to pay the. At the same time, a single smart home appliance products can not afford the user's demand for smart home life.
According to data show that as of June 2017, the total number of global artificial intelligence enterprises reached 2542, is expected by 2030, artificial intelligence will contribute $15 trillion and 700 billion for the world economy. Many enterprises first insight into this demand, to the center, to the mobile phone today, intelligent Home Furnishing urgently hope to have a more intelligent and humanized service center to meet such requirements, artificial intelligent home appliances is the best choice.
After experiencing the change from laboratory, commercialization, product to platform, the emergence of Natural Language Processing technology and Internet has made the artificial intelligence have a new interactive mode". For example, on display at AWE Broadlink and Baidu strategic cooperation on the use of voice technology products, Baidu has a variety of functions, semantic analysis, speech recognition, speech synthesis, many languages, Baidu music, Baidu search etc.. Multi array microphone, can realize long-distance speech recognition and control.
Industry analysts believe that the widespread application of artificial intelligence and intelligent robot, including the automatic system, is not only a result of unknown openness to innovation of science and technology, will influence the history of human civilization is very far-reaching social ethics test. As Hocking said, the short-term effects of artificial intelligence are determined by the people who control it, and the long-term effects depend on whether the AI is totally controlled.
Artificial intelligence has injected new blood into the appliance industry
From the intelligent to the artificial intelligence, the appliance industry has completed a sublimation
No soul of the people called "walking dead", and naturally no "blood" of the smart home appliance industry is also dark color, artificial intelligence is this new blood, add color to the smart home. And many giants have already laid out the strategy.
First of all, in our country, the research of artificial intelligence not only has not fallen, but has the global tendency. Household electrical appliance enterprises, Changhong, SKYWORTH and Haier are actively creating artificial intelligence based on smart home industry, through which Changhong open networking platform, artificial intelligence technology, security systems, intelligent service, energy management, CHiQ TV, air conditioners, refrigerators and other terminal products into the community and family environment of real and bring a new "product + service" experience; SKYWORTH demonstrated in networking technology and artificial intelligence as the representative of the smart home solutions; TCL is based on the needs of users of different content, through deep learning artificial intelligence and big data analysis, screening and judgment of user preferences, so as to make precise content push send.
In the broad international market, artificial intelligence is also a "xiangbobo" Application of intelligent Home Furnishing artificial intelligence should be the first to mention Echo intelligent audio Amazon, the speaker more open in speech recognition strategy, the integration of more third party resources, its sales volume is soaring, according to CIRP Echo, has sold 4 million units for sale. Now, Echo is popular in the United States, Amazon wants to copy to the European market. In addition, Google Home home control center equipment Google Zuckerberg "Jarvis" intelligent housekeeper, Microsoft wheatgrass chat robot, is abroad application of artificial intelligence technology in the field of intelligent Home Furnishing achievements.
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